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NYC Day 2

Today was really a lovely day.  I woke up fairly early because that is how I generally roll.  Headed up to the continental breakfast upstairs but didn't see a single coworker, despite there being maybe 40 in this hotel.  No matter, I trotted off quickly to B&H to peruse the camera gear because I am a masochist and know I can't afford any of it.  But I thought maybe I could find a funky camera strap or something.  Instead, I picked up a hot shoe sync for my studio lights.  Very helpful staff there, as always. After that, I used my Yelp app (love love love love LOVE Yelp) to find a cozy little coffee shop to have a small latte, skipped through H&M (I was big on the X&Y stores!) and picked up a super-cute "boyfriend" jacket, and then took an informative, if overly dramatic, tour of Grand Central Station and the surrounding area.  Very much a good time. Right now I'm killing time and relaxing before a big, long work event that I will have to photograph and pay attention to for far far longer than is advisable.  I hear the food is excellent, though, and that always makes me happy. You've heard the story, now see the photos.  Not a big photo day, really - I was mostly enjoying walking around without a camera dangling from my arm. grand central station nyc Our very engaging and dramatic tour guide.  "New York is slammin'," he said without a hint of irony. tour guide nyc Chrysler Building details: chrysler building photos maps manhattan chandelier and guy on a phone street photography nyc Pardon this one.  It's just for David. concha y toro Also, the latest in my series of hotel self-portraits.  I already have one from this hotel in New York but it never hurts to have others. black and white self-portrait in new york hotel

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