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Happy birthday to Soren!

When I was sixteen, the only thing I wanted in the entire world was freedom - freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted.  Freedom to get out, freedom to come back.  My extremely generous Uncle Lou and my mother and stepfather orchestrated the purchase of a car for me.  A brilliant car.  A car named Soren.  I am now 26 and he and I are headed into our eleventh year together. My car is worth almost nothing today were I to try and sell him.  I believe his Bluebook value is just a hair over $3k - if he's immaculate, and Soren is lots of things but immaculate is not one of them.  Worthless on the market or not, Soren is the very essence of car-ness to me.  I feel uncomfortable driving anything else.  I drive my car like an extension of my body and I always like to believe I know all his little sounds. Soren recently had some major (or so I thought) engine/transmission issues.  He wouldn't go above 45 without making a horrible stuttering noise and motion.  Needless to say, I flipped out.  But when I took it to the mechanic, I needed just $250 worth of troubleshooting to find the right spark plugs and wires and things to replace.  A tune up!  On a ten year old car!  The mechanic said Soren is still in really good shape and I should expect to be able to drive him for many years to come.  Oh, how I love my car. This love note has a point!  I wouldn't ordinarily spend an entire blog post talking about my car, but he had a rather significant birthday recently, and I thought I'd share.  I missed 150,000 miles by 10, but I stopped to take a picture anyway.  Better late than never.  So happy birthday to my good friend, the old man Soren.  May he and I drive many more miles together! 150,000 miles on my car

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