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Katie & Mark: Married! | Rodes Farm Stables | Charlottesville

This. wedding. was. awesome.  It was very, very cool to be able to second for Sam Hurd at Katie and Mark’s wedding at the Rodes Farm Stables down in Nellysford, VA, near Charlottesville.  Katie and Mark were super chill the whole day, even when it periodically stormed like crazy and threatened to send the whole thing indoors.  Their wedding was sweet, simple and pretty much my ideal wedding to photograph.

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As always, the second shooter gets to spend a lot of time with the guys.  I always love hanging with the dudes but Mark was so chill and his friends were so cool, I hardly wondered what the girls were up to.  Plus, we had this fatty screened-in balcony to hang out on.  It was pretty sweet.

groom sitting on porch in nellysford, va

horses at rodes farm stables in nellysford

groom triptych with lord of the flies

This little kid was pretty awesome.  He dominated the guys-hanging-out time, which seemed to suit everyone just fine.  He was also really into bugs.

little boy with dragonfly at wedding

father of groom and bridesmaid talk wtih groom

The bridesmaids wore really cute lime green dresses.

flowergirl diptych at charlottesville wedding

best man plays with a little boy at wedding

playing with L on the stairs

The whole day, it would rain like crazy for 10 minutes and then clear up again.  We were watching one line of storms that seemed to be headed straight for Charlottesville right when the ceremony was supposed to start.

landscape of rain coming to charlottesville, wedding

silhouette of grandfather getting his boutenniere

ceremony detail diptych

But the rain didn’t come until hours later, when everyone was safely inside the barn, getting toasty.  The ceremony was gorgeous and there wasn’t one drop of rain.

pastor waits for the ceremony to start at rodes farm stables

bride walks down the aisle with her father

groom looks adoringly at bride during ceremony

prayer during wedding ceremony in charlottesville, va

wedding ceremony at rodes farm stables

bride laughing during her wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony in charlottesville, va

funny family formals at rodes farm stables

kids playing on the swings in nellysford, va

Katie and Mark rented this awesome sports car for their getaway.

rental sportscar for wedding getaway

Their reception was so country and sweet.  They had all these lovely details with glass bottles, wooden boxes and simple, lovely flowers.

reception details at rodes farm stables wedding

The barn dogs were very excited about food-dropping prospects.

barn dog at rodes farm stables

beautiful trellis detail at wedding reception

wedding details and couple kissing

reception details with trellis

musicians at charlottesville wedding

This was cool.  Instead of a traditional guest book, Katie and Mark used a door panel and had their guests sign in permanent marker.

door panel as guest book

chairs and white flowers at the wedding reception

hanging bottles with flowers at the wedding reception

These families produce beautiful children.

little boy in beautiful evening sun

bell ringer at wedding reception - so cute!

Here’s Sam getting the shot, even if it means laying down in the middle of the dance floor.  And, you know, a rainbow.  All special-ordered for Katie and Mark.

rainbow and sam hurd diptych

first dance at rodes farm stables in nellysford, VA

first dance with mother of the groom

couple holding hands during first dance

And, of course, there was dancing.  This dance floor didn’t really clear out the entire time I was there – which is awesome.

bride dancing with nephew at wedding reception

lots more dancing quadtych

couple kissing at wedding reception

wedding reception dancing quadtych

rodes farm stables at night in black and white

Congratulations Katie and Mark!

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SarahJune 23, 2011 - 12:20 pm

Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos!

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