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Nabila & Navid: Married! | Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace

The groom came in on a horse.

Just wanted to let that one sink in, because it was just the start of the awesomeness of Nabila and Navid’s Bangladeshi wedding at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace. The outrageously talented Ayesha Ahmad had me along to second shoot their very beautiful Muslim ceremony. I got to see all kinds of traditions (always a special treat for me) and shoot this incredibly awesome groom-comes-in-on-a-horse thing. I’m going to suggest it to all my grooms – definitely a way to make an impression!

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groom on a horse triptych

black and white photo of groom on horse

groom dances on a horse

father of the groom dances

bengali groom surrounded by crowd

This hotel is right by the big tourist mall on the Baltimore harbor and so there were tons of tourists around, a bunch just standing staring at Navid and the procession. You don’t see this every day!

bengali groom comes in on a horse

little girl watches groom on horse

This was by far the biggest wedding I have ever photographed. I asked Ayesha to estimate how many guests there were and her answer was 600! Nabila and Navid’s families really know how to throw a party!

renaissance baltimore harborplace grand ballroom

And they’ve got pretty sweet decorating skills as well. Each table had beautiful purple and blue mini peacocks on little branches.

reception details with blue peacocks

When it was time for the ceremony to start, Navid’s friends and family had to negotiate for the bride, who was represented by her brother. His starting price was $5 million – a fair sum for the beautiful Nabila. I thought it was interesting that Navid wasn’t allowed to participate in this part – maybe he would have agreed to pay too much!

holding the gate - negotiations for bride

veiled bride walks to stage with parents

The first time the groom sees his bride is through a brand new mirror (you know, by tradition – these folks are pretty seriously in love).

groom looks at bride for first time in mirror

groom removes bride

wedding vows

bridesmaid puts on jewelry

father of bride hugs brother

groom and bride hug family members

bride puts necklace on groom

grandmother at ceremony

imam gives a sermon

More peacock details and a beautiful brown, purple and blue wedding cupcake display. These were really tasty cupcakes, too!

wedding cake and peacock detail

This was so fun. The first food the couple eats after getting married is from each others’ hands – they’re not allowed to use utensils.

bride and groom feeding each other

bride looks up at father giving speech

maid of honor gives a speech

hugging after speeches at wedding ceremony

guest laughing at speeches

little girl at the ceremony

bridesmaid holds orchid bouquet

sister of the bride speaks at the reception

guests making faces for the camera

Just before they left to go up to their bridal suite, Nabila and Navid shared a very intense and emotional moment with their parents.

black and white prayer photo

What a great night! Thank you to Nabila, Navid and Ayesha for introducing me to a whole new set of marriage traditions. Congratulations you two!

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