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Lubna & Osman: Walima! | National Building Museum

When Ayesha Ahmad told me I’d be seconding for her at the National Building Museum, I was pumped.  It’s an amazing building, period, but as a wedding venue?  Unbelievable.  So when I showed up to do details and room shots, I was pretty much a kid in a candy store.  These two put on an amazing walima for their friends and family and I was honored to be there and document it.

bride and groom in black and white

The truth is, I don’t normally go gaga over details and room decor and all that – I like it, but I don’t get all swoony.  Folks, I got swoony.  (And for the geeks, this is a six-frame panorama from 24mm frames.  Not sure what that makes this image but it’s probably getting close to 180.)

amazing wedding setup at national building museum

National Building Museum wedding photographer Amber Wilkie

beautiful wedding decorations at national building museum

reception gifts at national building museum wedding

musicians at national building museum wedding

baby laughing at wedding reception

emcee giving speech at national building museum

bride and groom at national building museum

bride and groom listening to koran speech

wedding photographer Amber Wilkie

I love the way Lubna looks at her man.

crystal decorations at national building museum wedding

blue green and red reception at national building museum

slideshow at national building museum wedding

Osman one of the best, most photogenic laughs I have ever seen.  He was this happy the whole night – and that is after an entire week of hosting parties!

speeches during walima at national building museum

groom laughing at wedding reception

This was my first South Asian wedding with dancing.  So here I am thinking there’s no way this is going to be a mad dance party because there isn’t any booze… boy was I wrong! I was totally unprepared for how no-holds-barred, shake-what-yo-mama-gave-you crazy this dancing was!  I don’t know how the ladies in the head scarves do it (it was hot in there), but they did it goooooood.

fun dancing at national building museum

a single chair after the party

Congratulations Lubna and Osman and thanks to you both and Ayesha for having me along!

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Armin DeFiestaAugust 20, 2011 - 10:59 am

These are fantastic, I enjoyed the wide architectural images if the interior and the way the light falls in.

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