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Jess & Mike | Dumbarton Oaks engagement

Jess is an incredibly giggly person.  Mike pretends to be serious and contemplative, but he's just as cheerful.  I had a blast running around Dumbarton Oaks with these two on an incredibly pleasant fall afternoon (don't we miss those temperatures now!?)  They were up for anything and I'm so so glad they insisted we visit this tree. engagement photographer amber wilkie washington dc engagement photography couple in dumbarton oaks greenhouse I love greenhouses, what can I say?  "Oh hey let's play with the watering can."  ::dirty jokes ensue::  "Okay, give the can to Jess." cute couple with a watering can engagement photography at dumbarton oaks dumbarton oaks engagement session I'll take some more of this light, please. beautiful light at dumbarton oaks engagement session happy couple during washington dc engagement session Look at this woman. close-up of engaged girl at dumbarton oaks weird tree things at dumbarton oaks georgetown engagement session couple laughing during engagement session Congratulations, guys!  Good luck with all the planning and the being in a foreign country and everything!

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ryan southenDecember 13, 2011 - 5:08 pm

you got some really great candid shots. well done.

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