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Camping in Greenbelt, Maryland

Before I talk about camping, I want to give a shout-out to Gabe Aceves, an awesome local photographer.  I "assisted" him at a Glen Echo Park wedding that was totally rad.  All I did was load film and watch him work, but it's good to see someone else's perspective on a scene.  I can't wait to see the images! As soon as I got home around 7:30, I quickly threw on some camping-appropriate (vs. wedding-appropriate) clothes and we rolled out to Greenbelt National Park.  I lived in Berwyn Heights, right next to Greenbelt, for a few months when I first moved to DC and I had no idea this park was here.  We saw deer and everything!  Not that George stopped the car for me to take a photo... camping at Greenbelt National Park I have a preponderance of Ben pictures because he seemed to be doing most of the heavy-lifting with the fire. camping at Greenbelt National Park There was wood chopping and my husband did work on this for about 30 seconds.  Note the on-camera flash on the left and the ambient on the left.  I hate on-camera flash! camping at Greenbelt National Park I discovered that I love photographing smoke.  It's so so cool how it moves during a 1/15 frame enough to look like a mystical cloud or some kind of aura.  I think it's really neat - like below how it seems to be reaching around Sai.  Everyone looks really contemplative here.  Except for Colin, who pretty much always looks like Colin. camping at Greenbelt National Park Sitting around a fire is cool and all, but George and I are not the camping type.  We're the show up for a few hours, have some hot dogs and then go back to our clean/comfortable/well-stocked home and sleep type.  Hecks yeah.  It was a long day.  I was really, really glad for my bed. camping at Greenbelt National Park

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