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Sarah & Jordan | Josephine Butler Parks Center wedding | Washington, DC

Sarah and Jordan were married at St. Patrick's Catholic Church and held their rollicking reception at the Josephine Butler Parks Center. Many of my clients are incredibly laid-back people, rolling with the inevitable wedding-day punches. Sarah and Jordan faced more than their share of obstacles at their wedding, but weathered all of it with an incredible calm and grace. Plus, they managed to be completely fun and cuddly for their portraits and then partied hard all night. Sarah and Jordan: Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-33 They got ready at the Grand Hyatt downtown. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-1Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-2 Thanks, as always, to my brilliant second Julia. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-4Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-5 A preview of what was to come. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-6Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-8Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-9 All of the spaces at the Grand Hyatt that were more beautiful were much more crowded and logistically, it's just easier to do it where you are, rather than try to finagle a "prettier" first look somewhere farther away. So I arranged them in front of the elevator banks. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-11 And then we skipped on over to the church to get that knot tied. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-13Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-14Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-15Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-16Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-17Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-18Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-19Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-20Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-21Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-22 I talked to the priest for maybe ten seconds, but he must be the coolest priest ever, because after the homily and all the things, Jordan broke a glass in the Jewish tradition. It only took two tries. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-23Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-25 Proud mama. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-26 DC is a wonderful place to do any kind of wedding-related thing with a street-photography-background photographer. This lady, who did not speak English, wanted to have her photo taken with the bridesmaids. She was really pushy. I think she's trying to do a selfie in this shot. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-27 Meridian Hill Park is the obvious location for portraits when your wedding is at the Josephine Butler Parks Center. It rarely disappoints. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-29Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-30Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-31Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-32Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-34 Here's a snippet for you in case you were feeling crafty: Sarah made this dress. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-35Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-36 And then we were walking to the reception when I spotted what looked - and indeed turned out to be - a giant bubble maker. He indulged us in some rainbow-y wedding portrait fun. Yay DC folks. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-37Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-38Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-39Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-44-copyJosephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-43 Behind-the-scenes action. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-45Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-46Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-47Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-48Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-49Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-50Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-51 Julia's photo. Still love her. Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-52Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-53Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-54Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-55Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-56Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-58Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-63-copyJosephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-62Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-64Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-65Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-66Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-67Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-68Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-69Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-70Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-71Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-72Josephine-Butler-Park-Center-wedding-73 Congratulations, you guys! Sarah & Jordan's vendor team: Ceremony venue: St. Patrick's Catholic Church Reception venue: Josephine Butler Parks Center Getting-ready venue: Grand Hyatt Catering: Eat and Smile Florist: DIY Cake: Buzz Bakery DJ: Steve Hoffman with Good Note DJs Hair & Makeup: Modern Bridal Studio Sarah's dress: Hand-made! Jordan's suit: Indochino

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Becky HadeedMay 30, 2014 - 1:50 am

that last one?… please, please put that in your best of 2014 round-up 🙂

Sue MosherMay 30, 2014 - 10:29 pm

The handbag with the wine bottle going home with a guest. The little girl bored in church. And the “first look” reminded me of a Peeps diorama: All the flowerpots on the different floors looked like Peeps with hats; I almost had to squint to get it to enlarge to people-scale.

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