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Cailin & Ben | Black Horse Inn wedding | Warrenton, Virginia

Cailin and Ben were married on a stunning fall day at the picturesque Black Horse Inn in Warrenton, Virginia where there are, true to the name, actual black horses. These two pulled off a lovely celebration for their big, cheerful families. There were grandmothers tearing up and plenty of grandkids to hold their hands, beers straight out of the can, quality cigars, a rockin' band and even a sky full of stars. Cailin and Ben: Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-29 Told you it was beautiful. Cailin and her ladies got ready in the main house. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-2 While the boys spent some time in the cellar getting spiffy. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-3Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-5Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-6 You all know I'm not much for dress shots but when I have a scene like this, I'm sort of compelled to use it. Also, Cailin just being straight beautiful. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-17 A little first-look action before tromping around the grounds for a bit (the grounds making my job super ridiculously easy). Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-7Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-8Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-10Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-11Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-12Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-13 The lovely folks at the Inn brought the horses out for us and they promptly wandered off. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-14Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-15 Until the owner came on by and called them over with seemingly magical powers. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-16 Guests arrived, many hugs were exchanged, and then it was go time. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-18Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-19Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-20Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-22Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-21Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-23Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-24Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-25Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-26Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-27 Pretty sure I'd be happy to shoot at this venue for the rest of my life. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-28Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-31Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-32Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-33Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-34 One of my favorite images from this wedding. I love when family portrait turns instantaneously into mini-tableau, a little slice-of-life. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-35Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-37Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-38Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-39 And then they packed the dance floor all night. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-40Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-42Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-45-copyBlack-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-47Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-50Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-51-copyBlack-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-52Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-55Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-57Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-59-copyBlack-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-60 Boom. Black-Horse-Inn-wedding-photos-54 Congratulations you guys! Cailin and Ben's vendor team: Getting-ready, ceremony and reception venue: Black Horse Inn Catering: Claire's (Warrenton, VA) Band: Snackbar Jones (Virginia Beach) Florist: Rick's Flowers Officiant: Kenneth Knapp Hair & Makeup: Hair & Faces by Lisa (ask me)

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