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Vaishali & John | Hirschorn Museum engagement session

I know I keep saying it, but I have really rad clients.  Without prompting, Vaishali and John suggested we do their engagement session at the Hirschorn Museum, my very favorite on the National Mall.  I've had the great fortune to work with two other couples this year who requested museums (and a fourth is coming up in December, yes!)  So much win. Vaishali and John recently moved away from DC, and you know the city misses them.  Nevertheless, I'm sure they are rockin' North Carolina hard at this point.  And how do I know?  Cuz of this. engagement photography with word art We hit up the Jefferson Memorial first to score some variety.  And for everyone curious (including folks who have requested sessions on the monuments), we were indeed stopped by the Park Police, who let us fire off a handful more frames and go on our way.  I continue to have success shooting on the steps, but that's about as far as they'll let you get. jefferson memorial engagement photography national mall engagement photography Also, there is a memorial to George Mason behind the Jefferson.  Who knew? engagement photography on the national mall Then we hit up the museum.  I love shooting in modern art museums. hirschorn museum engagement photography engagement session in a modern art museum hirschorn museum engagement session engagement session on the national mall Congratulations, you guys!

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David at the Hirschorn

My poor friend David.  I drag him to a temporary exhibition that's all about color and the man is colorblind.  So his experience of this piece was completely different than mine. In related news, shortly before we left for the Hirschorn, David says: "What is the difference between blue and purple?" And now, photos of David at the Hirschorn: This photograph is particularly interesting to me because he is red/green colorblind.  This probably looks like a normally-lit portrait to him.

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