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Heather & Pedro | Tea Barn at Fair Hill wedding | Elkton, Maryland

Heather and Pedro were married at the lovely Tea Barn at Fair Hill way on up in Elkton, Maryland on a windy, clear fall day. They put so much care into every little detail - from tiny folded map airplanes to be used as "rice" after the ceremony to a huge candy table with scads of delicacies to a bouncy-ball paradise for the little guys. It was a good day. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-13Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-22 We started the day at the Comfort Suites in Elkton, Maryland. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-1Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-2Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-3Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-4 Heather's daughter was on hand for jokes and hugs. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-5 We all got in our cars and scooted over to the Tea Barn, where Heather and Pedro were married under the big tree. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-7Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-8 A cadre of flower people. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-9Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-10Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-11Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-12Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-14Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-15Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-16Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-18Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-19 Apparently the park was also doing a pumpkin patch nearby, but not nearby enough. We satisfied ourselves with barns and the one tree that was turning colors for fall. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-20Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-23Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-24Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-25 The "frolicking" shot, on request. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-26Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-28Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-29 Heather bought and made so many things for the wedding. Apple crates, horseshoes hanging everywhere, photo displays, signage. It was H & P everywhere. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-30 It clouded up mid-ceremony and the sun peeked out only long enough for me to convince them to go back outside for five minutes and do a handful more photos. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-32Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-33Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-34Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-35Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-36Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-37Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-38Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-39Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-40Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-41Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-42Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-43 I still don't really understand what Echo's about here. Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-45Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-46Tea-Barn-at-Fair-Hill-wedding-photography-44 Congratulations you guys! Heather and Pedro's vendor team: Getting-ready venue: Comfort Suites Ceremony and reception venue: Tea Barn at Fair Hill (By far the most affordable wedding venue I've heard of in the area. It's two hours from DC, but it's cheap, man. And it's nice.) Caterer: Beefalo Bob's Florist: Bouquets by Bell Cake & desserts: Patisserie Poupon and Vacarro's Hair and Makeup: Caitlin Meyer Heather's beautiful dress (with pockets!): Curvaceous Couture Heather's hair clip: Gurly Girl on Etsy Pedro's dashing suit: Jos A. Bank

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Fotografo AlmansaNovember 5, 2014 - 10:03 am

Wow, great collection, that last one is breathtaking! Couples who take risks rock!!!!

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