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Accolade Tuesday | Exposed DC & Feature on Capitol Romance

Yesterday was a pretty big day for us over here at Amber Wilkie Photography. And by we, I just mean me, because there’s no one else. Forgive me for all the tooting of my own horn (it’s marketing and it’s why I have a blog!). First up, I’m very proud to announce that one of my images was chosen for this year’s Exposed DC contest. It’s especially nice because it is a wedding image entered into a street photography contest. Many thanks to Erin and Chris who were such lovely models / clients!


And it wouldn’t be Accolade Tuesday without a second nod – this one from Capitol Romance, who featured Heather and Pedro‘s wedding yesterday. Many thanks, as always, to Bree for providing such awesome inspiration for DC-area couples. And also to Heather and Pedro, who had such a baller wedding and for Heather’s many words. She outlines where *all* of her awesome DIY and other details came from. It’s well worth a peek.

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Wedding Wire Bride’s Choice Award 2013! (& me ranting, what’s new)

Excited to snag this year’s 2013 Bride’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire. The “award” is based on reviews from your clients, so it’s pretty great to get that recognition. Onnnnnnn the other hand, I was curious so I looked and no fewer than 139 photographers in DC received this year’s awards. So there’s that. (I put this here as a notice to non-experts – that is, my potential clients – that basically everyone gets this award so don’t give it too much weight in your decision who to hire.)

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