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Anna & Justin | Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center | Eastern Shore, Maryland

Anna and Justin were married at the incredibly beautiful Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center out on Maryland's Eastern Shore. In my many years of shooting and the 100+ weddings I've seen, they were the first to have a fun run (the concept of running being fun is new as well!) and also the first to have an Easter egg hunt! They planned such a wonderful, relaxed, nature-filled day for their guests. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-70 Look how much fun running is! chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-2 I was cracking up at the incredible hiding skills of the egg-hiders. To be fair, most of the kids were toddlers. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-3chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-4chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-5chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-6chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-7chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-8 After a relaxing morning enjoying the scenery, weather and location, our heroes packed up and headed to the Kent Island Hilton Garden Inn. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-9chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-12chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-13chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-14chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-16chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-17chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-18 While getting some nature scenes for Anna and Justin (you'll see one below) during the morning, I went along their fun run route and scoped out this stunning pine grove. It was at the very top of my list to do portraits, and these two made no objections. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-19chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-21 Many thanks, as always, to my intrepid second shooter Julia, who snagged the lovely portrait below. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-23chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-22chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-24chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-25 When there's a dock, you take photos on the dock. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-26chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-27chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-29chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-30chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-31chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-33chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-34chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-35chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-36chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-37chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-38chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-39chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-40chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-42chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-43chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-44chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-45 After the toasts, and the eats, it was time for some hard-core partying and dancing. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-46chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-47chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-51 So I have no idea what the backstory is here, but these necklaces with shotglasses on them were passed all over the dancefloor. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-50 Their friends and family helped decorate the center. chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-53chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-55-copychesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-59chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-61chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-62chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-63-copy And folks, they decimated the photobooth. I had to change batteries twice! chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-66chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-68-copychesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-69chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-71chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-72chesapeake-bay-environmental-center-wedding-photography-73 Congratulations, you guys! Anna and Justin's rockin' vendor team: Ceremony and reception venue: Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center Getting ready venue: Kent Island Hilton Garden Inn Caterer: Garden & Garnish DJ: Music Masters Florist: Singing Frog Farm Pies: friends and family and Singing Frog Farm Anna's lovely dress: J. Crew, Cheryl Lofton alterations Justin's dashing suit: Hugh & Crye Graphic Design: Johnny Rocket Rings: Caleo

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Julia & Alex | The Oaks Waterfront Inn wedding | Easton, MD

Julia and Alex were married at The Oaks Waterfront Inn near Easton, MD with an absolutely spectacular outdoor ceremony overlooking the lake. Julia and I go all the way back to college, where we shared an apartment, and her wedding rounded up tons of folks I hadn't seen in years. I was photographing their escort cards going "Oh hey! Wow, she's coming!" Also, shooting a friend's wedding is different than shooting a near-stranger's wedding. While editing this set of images, I was struck frequently with a compulsion to email Julia yet another preview going "LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!!" I managed to hold back until right now. Julia and Alex: The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-63 We started the day at Serendipity Salon and Spa in St. Michaels, Maryland. It's the most adorable hair salon possible, but then again, everything in St. Michaels is adorable. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-1The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-2 Julia wore the same veil her mother did on her wedding day. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-4The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-5The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-6The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-8 First look on the verandah. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-9The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-10 A trio of spies. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-12The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-13The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-15The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-16 Alex is, to dramatically understate the situation, a golf enthusiast. Photos with golf-related things were mandatory. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-17The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-18The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-19The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-21 Portraits taken, ketubah signed, we all headed out to the lake to see these two get official. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-24 Julia's mom and dad came in on the golf cart, which, needless to say, is pretty awesome. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-25The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-27The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-28The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-29The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-30The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-31The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-32The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-34The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-33The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-35The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-37The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-38The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-39The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-40The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-41 It's my blog, so I can put my friends on it and embarrass them. Years ago and many posing and photography skill levels ago, these two (who also happen to be some of my best friends) were super gracious and posed for me in their wedding attire. For that matter, so did Julia and Alex - there's a vague reference to a "domestic arrangement" in that blog post - probably they had just moved in together. "Awwwww," right? The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-42 Cocktailed up, everybody headed into the main room for more food and dancing and good times. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-43The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-44The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-45The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-46The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-48The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-50The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-51 Julia and Alex had mardi gras beads made for their wedding. Julia and lots of the rest of us went to school at Tulane and most of us have managed to sneak some of New Orleans into our weddings. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-52The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-53The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-54The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-55The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-58The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-59The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-60The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-61The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-62The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-64The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-68-copyThe-Oaks-wedding-Easton-69The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-71The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-73 That guy in the upper right would be my husband (and that's me with my back turned). Special thanks to my loyal, hardworking assistant, also named Julia, for doing extra duty at this wedding so I could shake it a bit with the crew. The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-76-copyThe-Oaks-wedding-Easton-77The-Oaks-wedding-Easton-78 Congratulations you guys!!

Julia and Alex's vendor team: Ceremony and reception venue: The Oaks Waterfront Inn Catering: same Band: Sly 45 Florist: Amy Wilkins, Monteray Farms Cake: Bay Country Bakery Hair and makeup: Serendipity Salon and Spa Julia's stunning dress: Betsy Robinson Bridal Alex's dashing suit: Nordstrom Videography: friends and family with wedit.com

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Love Point at Kent Island | Eastern Shore wedding

I'm so pleased to share this beautiful wedding I second shot with Jessica Shepard late last year. The couple was so adorable and joyous and I loved their beachy decorations (and orange touches!). One quick note - before you fall in love with this venue (as I did), know that they have had some serious problems and are currently closed. Too bad - it was such a lovely place for these happy kids: dancing at love point at kent island wedding I don't often go out to the Eastern Shore - not sure why, just don't get that many folks asking about it (though I would love to do a beach wedding this year!). So it was really nice to be by the water. Here's the view from the bride's hotel suite: maryland eastern shore wedding eastern shore wedding getting-ready groom at eastern shore wedding groom getting ready at eastern shore wedding Love Point at Kent Island really was a gorgeous venue. I had to stop the car on the drive in and take some photos. wedding at love point at kent island Orange at a wedding. It's the best. wedding decorations at maryland eastern shore wedding bride and her father going out to the ceremony All morning, it rained and these big dark clouds filled up the sky. Just in time, with only a few minutes to spare, it cleared up. The staff dried off the chairs and the wedding went on at Love Point's gorgeous balcony overlooking the ocean. wedding ceremony at love point at kent island bride laughing during the wedding on the eastern shore bride and groom at love point at kent island Forgive me so many detail photos. I really liked their classy but laid-back setup - orange napkins and wicker chargers and little bits of seashells here and there. beautiful beach and orange wedding decorations orange and brown wedding decor wedding decorations at love point at kent island And it's fair to say that I was obsessed with this tulle-and-Christmas-lights thing they had going on on the ceiling. You'll see more of it below. wedding details server at love point wedding reception Just before they're announced. bride and groom kissing before they are announced laughing during the first dance at maryland eastern shore wedding sunset on the eastern shore portraits on the beach at maryland eastern shore wedding hugging his brother at the eastern shore wedding cake photo at maryland eastern shore wedding bride and her father at maryland eastern shore wedding dancing with her father at love point wedding dance party at eastern shore wedding bride and friend dancing at love point wedding bride and groom sharing champagne at maryland eastern shore wedding group dancing at maryland's eastern shore wedding dancing at the wedding reception getting groovy at orange and brown-themed wedding Congratulations you guys! And thanks again to Jessica for having me out.

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